Your new favorite resource: Arizona Helping Hands

There is so many charities unbeknownst to so many foster families that can help them in so many ways! When I become a kinship foster family in August of 2013, I felt that I didn’t have any support. I had to do everything by myself. I had no furniture, as I had just returned to Arizona from living out East and had to get everything needed for a child quickly. I had no idea who could help, where to get the help and how to find the time to even research where to look! It was incredibly and terrifyingly overwhelming.

Well, I want to tell you, that today there is a place for you to get help. I’ve done the research for you. I have a running list on my resources page, but today I want to focus on one that I truly believe can help you today! That’s the most important thing I want to help you with, not something in the future, but actionable today.  

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7 Reasons to Start a Routine Today

As a single parent *ahem*, single foster now adoptive parent, I have dealt with so much stress. Sometimes I forget how children can sense this stress and stress out themselves – which in turn stress me out – and well, as you can see the cycle continues.

When I was thinking of how to handle stress, how to really deal with it, I started to break things down into manageable steps. My thought was how I needed to be especially careful as my children already have a lot of internal stressors as it is – unfortunately. This is why they have come into my care!

I know my experience is just like yours. I will share with you what has helped me. Let’s think back to the beginning – remember when we first welcomed our children into our homes, they were scared, terrified, nervous, confused, sad – the list goes on. Our job is to give them safety, security, stability and consistency. There’s so many things that go into those four words. Some of these may be setting expectations – read my article here and employing those Time Management skills you learned from my article here.

The next and just as equal partner to those two is routine. So often we forget about the fundamentals of life when we took on our kids, you know those things that were ingrained in our minds, we forgot we even learned it? Things like talking, walking, sharing, brushing our teeth, taking a bath, knowing what to do when we wake up, go to bed, etc. It’s so important to teach these basic and necessary skills to our kids. Many of these kids may know some of these items, but are poor skills, or severely lacking in many areas. They can sense and many already know they are not like other children. They didn’t learn those skills in the same way.

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Time Management 101: The Basics

Throughout my life time management is something I have been blessed with naturally. Now I know this sounds pretty boastful. But I have always been asked how I get so much done in so little time. I’ve gotten asked how do you juggle everything so well? How do you manage as a single parent with working, going to college, with 2 children and all their activities not to mention our 3 dogs! Well, I hadn’t really thought about it. I just did it. So, I took this question to the next level and really began to watch how I approached my day to day activities. 

I won’t lie and say it is always easy peasy like pudding and pie. BUT if you can work on this each day – you will become less stressed and it will feel much more natural. I work every day on my time, I’ve read countless articles, taken many classes and most recently worked through a productivity course so I can continue to improve!

Are you ready to change your life? I’m serious – this is going to change how you approach everything you do each day. It will open your mind to finding ways to become more efficient. To me, I find it addicting – how much can I do today. What can I squeeze in for a few minutes and stick to my plan. What can I do faster? What can I do today that will give me extra time tomorrow to do more homework? Everything during my day becomes oriented to becoming more efficiently. You will find this will help in other areas as well: your productivity, better decision maker, better communicator, finding the extra time to accomplish those goals you’ve had on the back burner! Continue reading “Time Management 101: The Basics”

10 Things you need to know about getting Foster Licensed

We need to have a serious talk. It’s going to be one of the most serious talks you will have in your life. It will welcome you to a club which includes a lifetime membership.

Go grab a nice cold refreshing glass of iced water and come back.  This talk is going to take some time.

Are you ready now? Did you go grab a snack while you are at it?

Are you scared? Are you confused? Not sure what my talk is about? Well, let’s not beat around the bush any longer and allow me to answer this for you, I’m talking about getting licensed.  Not getting a driver’s license. Not getting a medical license. I’m speaking about getting you and your home licensed for foster care.

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