¡Hola y Bienvenidos!

I’m Melissa and I want to share with you some resources, tips, encouragement and even a peek into my life as a single – former foster – now current adoptive parent.

I hope to motivate, inspire and encourage you on your journey as a single foster and/or adoptive parent as well!

I began my new crazy life experience in 2013 and as you will read about me on my Accidentally on Purpose post, you’ll know that it hasn’t been easy these past few years.

I want to share my knowledge with you and pass along some things I wish someone would’ve helped me with at my beginnings here on my blog. I will share tips on time management, planning, self motivation, even resources for foster/adoptive care: clothing, furniture, Facebook groups, etc. Anything and everything that I needed – I will pass that to you.

Please share with me anything that may be helpful to you on a day to day, week to week, or month to month basis – be it time management, or a word of encouragement. Also, don’t be shy and share with us anything that has helped you out during your new journey too!

This site is to foster community help and encouragement that we single foster and adoptive parents need and can give.

Everyone is welcome here – of all walks of life – parents or not. Even those considering parenting, fostering, adopting, etc. (If you are considering this – read my 10 Things you need to know about getting Foster Licensed. Single moms, single dads, single aunts parenting (me) or uncles, single grandparents parenting grandchildren. Really EVERYONE is welcome! This is your new home, I welcome you – grab a drink, sit down with the 5 minutes you have, relax and enjoy the journey.

Please – only positivity with encouragement and uplifting sharing – no judgments or negativity is wanted.

Thanks for visiting me and I hope to hear some of your adventures in your new life!